Wren is a minor character serving mainly as a notable background character. She showed up in one minor side-story, but that was her only appearance.


Wren has a tall and curvy figure with medium-dark skin and fair vitiligo. She has multiple scars all over her body. She has pale orange hip-length hair with very pale green ends and blunt bangs and shoulder-length side hair worn in a high ponytail. She has light orange eyes fading to bright orange-red. She has three tattoos: four rings of very pale blue scales on her left arm, a bright-amber-to-dark-gray-blue gradient of clouds on her right leg spreading out from her knee, and a set of pale amber circles connected by thick lines along her torso.

Wren's attire is a sleeveless pink crop top with the words 'OH YEAH' in light yellow on the front and empire-waisted faded jean shorts. She wears thigh-high mint green plaid stockings under light pink sneakers.