Well, after all this time, I've finally come back to do some major updating to this wiki!  I've recently been getting super into the RWBY universe and it's wiki, so I thought it best to come over here and start working on this wiki again!

Here are the major things I've added today:

  1. Added dropdown menus to the Wiki Navigation for easier access
  2. Added Tabber and Quote templates for use on other pages
  3. Edited together my profile page for anyone who had questions about me
  4. Put protection on all significant pages: Templates can only be edited by Admins and pages accessible by the navigation bar can't be edited by unregistered or new users
  5. Updated all Transformation pages along with Episode 1 and 4 pages
  6. Added a Featured Article section to the front page
  7. Turned on Achievements and Polls
  8. Made it so all who wish to contribute must be logged in

That should be everything!  I don't have much else to work on right now, but I'll be sure to make another blog post if anything major happens again!

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