What happened in the past shall remain where it belongs. There is little need to be rooting such things up, Soleil, as you should well know. Please, do your best to keep these thoughts to yourself.
—The Queen to Soleil when asked if she regrets what she did in the war

Queen Euria is the queen of Euria. Her real name is kept secret from all, even her closest advisers and friends. She sends Ida Fluorite and her attendant to Earth on a secret mission at the beginning of the story.


The queen appears to be a very large woman with a glowing around her entire body. Her pale blonde hair is worn loose and reaches down to the ground. Her eyes are pale blue. She wears a white long-sleeved dress that reaches the ground with gold detailing and a gold underskirt, a gold crown, a gold necklace, gold hanging earrings, and gold bangles.




Vol 1

Mission Start

Is this the end or the beginning?

The Threat Sealed?

Vol 2

Will it work this time?

Homeward Bound

Vol 3

Mission Start

I won't rest until you're free

Living the Dream





Ida Fluorite


  • Euria means "rain" in Basque
    • Pronunciation: Yur-ee-uh