Life is but a game to be played with the highest of stakes.
—Noir's motto

King Noir is the king of Dispatia and the main antagonist of the story. He sends out three of his minions throughout the story to dispatch Ida Fluorite until eventually taking it upon himself to do so.


Noir has a tall and broad frame with white skin and black jagged markings. He has clawed hands and feet, long pointy ears, and sharp teeth. He has teal shoulder-blade-length hair with light pink strips, fringed bangs, and shoulder-length side hair worn in a low ponytail with a silver clip. He has bright magenta eyes with black sclera.

Noir's attire is an ankle-length hooded cloak with white black-spotted fur trim held together by a silver chain. He wears a black crown with silver detailing and holds a dark wooden cane with silver detailing.