Mortal Affinity is a comic created by Emerald Rose and initially conceptualized on October 3, 2015.



The plot is centered around Ida Fluorite, a Carnitian, Midori Suga, a human, and Soleil, a Srinee. The story follows the three of them on a mission with unknown details that has them battling demons and spirits from another dimension. Along the way, their relationships grow and blossom into greater things.

However, it's realized that they're fighting a losing battle until an interesting mechanic is thrown into the twist that gives them the upper hand. There are three different paths for them to take in this story and it's unsure which one will lead them to ultimate victory and true happiness, if there is such a thing.


Mortal Affinity is mostly set on Earth, although it's one very different from our own. The main setting on Earth that's shown in the story is Dracnesse, a very large continent that occupies most of the eastern-hemisphere. It also doubles as its own country, with a major kingdom set square in the center and smaller cities, towns, and villages dotted around the land.

There are two other settings shown throughout the story, one of which being Euria, a world from another dimension. This world is where Ida was born and is the current home of Soleil, as well. The kingdom of Chrysalis governs the whole of the world, where Queen Euria]resides, the one that sent Ida and Soleil on their mission.

The other is known as Dispatia, an entire other dimension crawling with demons and spirits just waiting to leak into the human world. The trio are constantly at odds with the King of Dispatia, Noir, and spend the majority of the story fighting off him and his minions.




Minor Characters


Mortal Affinity has gone through many changes since it was first created. To begin with, it was originally planned to become a 13 episode show with anime inspiration. There were even designs drawn for most of Ida's outfits and a couple of her transformations, but that idea was ultimately scrapped in favor of making a comic with branching paths. When the comic will be drawn, only time will tell.

The idea for something like this came up completely at random, with the basis that there should be more 'adult' magical girl anime. It would have passed by like every other idea, but it was instead written down and eventually fleshed out to the point that this wiki was created for it.

The story has also taken many different twists and turns that were not planned at first. First of all, the time loop mechanic was never a factor when this story was first created, and was only even thought of in the last few months of 2016, although it is a welcome change. There have also been many minor changes, due to the format being shifted from animation to just drawings, but that was the biggest change in the development so far.


  • There are still hopes that this will someday be turned into a show, but so far it is only slated to be a comic. There are no dates for when the comic will be done though.