Like hell I'm gonna leave! Besides, who'd dress you? You certainly can't!
—Midori to Ida

Midori Suga is a human from Earth who works at Fable's Fabric Store. She always introduces herself as Midorin as she thinks it's a lot cuter than just Midori, and has been tagging along with Ida Fluorite ever since they met.


Midori has dark freckles all over. She has bright vermilion hair worn down to her chin with bright gold roots and blunt bangs worn with black hairclips. She has crimson eyes.

Midori's first outfit is a short red wrap dress with flared mid-length sleeves, a black jacket with short sleeves, and black strapped stilettos with 4-inch heels. She wears black hairclips, black hanging earrings, and a black choker.

Midori's second outfit is an ankle-length light yellow dress with fitted mid-length sleeves and a slit up the right side of the skirt. She wears black open-toed platform pumps with 4-inch heels over black translucent toeless tights. She wears black stud earrings and a black infinity scarf.

Midori's last outfit is a short sleeveless orange dress and black strapped wedges with 4-inch heels. She wears black hoop earrings, a black necklace, and black bracelets.

Midori's sleepwear is a white tank-top and light orange shorts with bright yellow stars.

Ending Outfits

Midori's outfit in Ending A is a knee-length bright orange dress with long sleeves and black sandals.

Midori's outfit in Ending C is a short light red dress with mid-length sleeves and black lace-up stilettos with 4-inch heels.