Living is the eleventh and last transformation Ida goes through, turning her into an Ethereal Guardian.



Immortality: To achieve the amount of power this transformation holds, Ida had to give up her ability to fight back at all, and in return she was given total immortality. This meant that should could survive even magical attacks, which her previous transformation could not do.

Flight: She's able to fly freely in the air, not limited in any way by gravity, and is shown to be quite adept at it, performing a series of acrobatics to dodge attacks.

Healing: Given that she's basically the embodiment of the fear of living, she's able to heal any physical wounds, although mental or emotional wounds are out of her capabilities. It's shown to be able to work on any organic and non-organic thing, as she was easily able to heal Midorin and Soleil


  • This fear was taken from Ida herself, as a last resort to fighting Noir.
    • Ida explains this by saying that everything she's done has made her very fearful of continuing to live, which would entail her having to face the consequences of her actions.

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