Living is the eleventh and last transformation Ida goes through, turning her into an angel.



Immortality: Ida gave up all offensive capabilities to attain this transformation, thereby granting her total immortality. This allowed her to survive in a battle against an S class demon, one that would have disintegrated her in her natural form.

Flight: She was able to fly freely in the air, not limited in any way by gravity, and was shown to be quite adept at it, performing a series of acrobatics to dodge attacks.

Healing: The race of angel she transforms into has life-manipulating abilities, allowed her to heal any and all wounds no matter if they were physical or mental. She could also give too much life, overfilling the body to the point it could no longer function.


  • This fear was taken from Ida herself, as a last resort to fighting Noir.
    • Ida explains this by saying that everything she's done has made her very fearful of continuing to live, which would entail her having to face the consequences of her actions.