Strength is the ability to use your power for the benefit of others.
—Ida's motto

Personality and Relationships

Ida Fluorite
  • Sweetie
  • Weirdo




  • 23 (physically)
  • 263 (mentally)
Born on

June 19




Pale White



Hair Color

Teal/Dark Orchid

Eye Color

Brilliant Cyan

Previous Affiliation(s)

Euria (path C)

Previous Occupation(s)

Royal Knight

Personal Status
  • Deceased (path A)
  • Mentally unstable (path B)
  • Comatose (path C)
Previous Residence(s)
First Appearance

Chapter 1, Mission Begin

Music Theme

The Repeating Strike


Ida is very reserved and quiet, keeping a respectable distance from people. For the most part, she doesn't involve herself the problems of others unless absolutely necessary.

Her reserved and distant nature makes her come off as very apathetic, almost as if she's always bored by her surroundings. No matter the topic in conversation, she would keep a disinterested look on her face. Despite that, she was always paying rapt attention, often surprising the other people around her when she spoke up about something they said, having believed that she wasn't listening.

Even with that, she could be rather kind-hearted when the situation called for it. There have been many times she would take the fall for a fellow guardsmen, whether it was was easier for her to handle the punishment or not, earning herself a rather selfless reputation. After going to Earth, she was often seen helping complete strangers out with physical work, mainly as a way to get to know them and the world better, but also because Midorin insisted on it.

She's also prone to neglecting her health in favor of doing more work, as well, oftentimes going for long periods of time without any moments of relaxation. It was only ever at the request of the Queen or through Soleil's nagging that she would take any time for herself, although it was never as long as either would have liked. After going to Earth, she instead found herself with an overabundance of free time and nothing to do with it. She was entirely unused to having that much time for herself, becoming restless because of it and often wandering the town to find something to do.

The most well-known thing about her among the people of Euria is her mercilessness towards her foes, bordering on cruelty with her mockery and taunting. She would often find herself being lost in the act, unable to stop herself from committing many atrocities "in the name of the Queen". Soleil was assigned to her specifically for this reason, to reign her in from doing something irreversible. Her only defense was that she felt like her mind was spiraling into the void whenever she held her swords at her opponent's throat, an insatiable bloodlust welling up with that kind of power at her fingertips. After going to Earth, she felt practically none of these things and even became much more relaxed. The only times that part of her would resurface were when Midorin was in danger and even then only until Midorin was safe again.



Achim Fluorite: Ida and her father had a rather strained relationship, mainly due to him having been a person that was also very involved in the lives of others. Since she had no wish to be the same, the two of them were often at odds with each other. There were very few times that they could be in the same room without her father throwing accusations at her, which in turn caused Ida to belittle him for how attached he became to total strangers. Even so, years after his death, Ida does look back on him with some measure of respect for his actions.

Lene Fluorite: Ida and her mother were definitely closer than she and her father were, but it was still a rather strained relationship. It was especially difficult between the two of them when Ida chose to become a royal knight, something her mother was entirely against. For the most part, they were able to get along, but long interactions between them eventually lead to her mother heckling her about being a royal knight. After her mother died, Ida felt some measure of regret for not trying harder to come to an agreement with her.


The Queen: Ida and the Queen have an amicable relationship, as they never talk for long enough to have anything more. Ida greatly respects the Queen, as well, obeying almost every command she's given. It was only when she felt the orders were too much that she refused to act on them, which usually lead her to being punished in some way. This didn't change Ida's opinion on the Queen, though, since she knew it was simply her job.

Soleil: Ida and Soleil are very close, having been partners for most of Ida's time as a royal knight. They often jab and jeer each other, showing just how comfortable they are together. To others, however, they often look to dislike each other greatly with how much they mocked each other. They took this for granted and would play it off as if they really do hate each other, laughing about it behind their backs all the while.

Midori Suga: Ida and Midorin didn't get along very well at first, as Ida found her to be bothersome to have around. Midorin was stubborn and stuck to Ida's side, though, and Ida became used to her presence overtime. In fact, they became very close as Ida spent more time on Earth, to the point that Ida began falling in love with her. In the first two paths she's too confused about her feelings to confess, but in the third path she is able to push past her confusion to confess.


Ophiuchus: The first of Noir's minions that comes for Ida, and one that Ida herself was completely unimpressed with. Every one of their interactions had Ida entirely bored and Ophiuchus trying very hard to terrify her. After killing him, Ida forgot about him almost right away and had to be reminded of him by Soleil.

Lilith: The first of Noir's minions that comes for Ida while being accompanied by Midorin. Ida was relatively impressed with Lilith's tactics, but less so with her personality. In fact, Ida began to think Noir just a joker because of the way she acted, and even Midorin agreed when it was brought up. After Lilith's death, Ida helped Midorin make clothes similar to hers, which was the only was Ida was able to remember Lilith.

Ziz: The only one of Noir's minions to really make an impression on Ida, mainly due to his hurting Midorin. Ida was impressed with him from the start, as he was definitely more competent than the last two. She respected his tactics and even fought him on even ground because of this. After he hurt Midorin, however, she ran berserk against him and looks back on him with disdain after killing him.

Noir: Ida and Noir have a deeper connection than just enemies, as Ida found out in path C. She views him with a mix of pity and disgust, although the small part of her that's connected with him feels a closeness to him. Ida herself always had to sacrifice a large part of herself to defeat him and so she did have some respect for his battle capabilities, although not for his tactics. She also felt a strong hatred for him in path C upon learning of the lengths he would go to for victory.

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