Strength is the ability to use your power for the benefit of others.
—Ida's motto

Ida Fluorite
  • Sweetie
  • Weirdo




  • 23 (physically)
  • 263 (mentally)
Born on

June 19




Pale White



Hair Color

Teal/Dark Orchid

Eye Color

Brilliant Cyan

Previous Affiliation(s)

Euria (path C)

Previous Occupation(s)

Royal Knight

Personal Status
  • Deceased (path A)
  • Mentally unstable (path B)
  • Comatose (path C)
Previous Residence(s)
First Appearance

Chapter 1, Mission Begin

Music Theme

The Repeating Strike

Ida Fluorite, also referred to as Sweetie and Weirdo, is a Carnitian from the world of Euria. She is a Royal Knight for the Royal Family of Euria, but was sent to Earth after being given a mission by The Queen.


Ida has pale white skin with multiple scars all over her body, teal hair with strips of dark orchid worn up in a high ponytail with braided side hair and sideswept bangs, and brilliant cyan eyes.

Ida's royal knight uniform is a fitted ivory shirt with long sleeves and a high neckline and a dark purple leather belt right under her bust, fitted trousers, and knee-high boots. She wears black metal gauntlets with clawed fingers and leg armor up to her hips that leaves the backs of her knees uncovered with dual swords attached to the outsides of the knees. She wears a black fitted cloth around her neck pulled up over her mouth and a black hood.

Ida's first outfit on Earth is a short pale teal dress with a layered skirt and long trumpet sleeves, a black medium-length vest, and short black boots.

Ida's second outfit on Earth is a white wrap shirt with long fitted sleeves, a dark aquamarine flared knee-length skirt over black tights, and white flats. She wears a black infinity scarf and black gloves.

Ida's last outfit on Earth is a sky blue spaghetti-strap shirt, faded denim shorts with a white belt around her hips, and white sneakers.

Ida's sleepwear is a long white spaghetti-strap dress with a dark blue ribbon tied right under her bust and around her hips.

Ending Outfits

Ida's outfit in Ending B is a lavender tunic with elbow-length ladder-cut sleeves, a dark purple sash around her waist, and black sandals laced up her calves. She wears a black metal circlet, choker, and bracers.

Ida's outfit in Ending C is a knee-length mint green dress with a scalloped skirt and short butterfly sleeves, white open-toed wedges laced up her calves, and a white wide-brimmed hat.

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