When I first came to this world, I was focused only on completing my mission. I had hoped to...get it over with so that I may return home. But you have changed that. You have changed me.
—Ida to Midori

Ida Fluorite is a Carnitian from the world of Euria. She is a Royal Knight for the Royal Family of Euria and was sent to Earth after being given a mission by Queen Euria.


Ida has long pointy ears and multiple scars. She has teal hair worn down to her waist with purple streaks and sideswept bangs worn up in a high ponytail with braided strands. She has bright blue eyes with slit pupils.

Ida's royal knight uniform is a long-sleeved black shirt with a high neck, a dark purple belt under her bust and black fitted pants under dark purple knee-high boots. She wears black metal armor on her arms with clawed fingers and on her legs with the backs of her knees uncovered. She wears a black cloth around her neck pulled up over her mouth and a black hood. She has dual black and dark purple swords attached to the outsides of the knees of her armor.

Ida's first outfit on Earth is a short light turquoise dress with long trumpet sleeves. She wears a short black vest and short black boots.

Ida's second outfit on Earth is a white wrap shirt with long fitted sleeves, a dark aquamarine knee-length skirt over black tights, and white flats. She wears a black infinity scarf and black gloves.

Ida's last outfit on Earth is a light cerulean spaghetti-strap shirt, faded jean shorts with a white belt around her hips, and white sneakers.

Ida's sleepwear is an ankle-length white spaghetti-strap dress with dark blue ribbons tied under her bust and around her hips.

Ending Outfits

Ida's outfit in Ending B is a lavender tunic with mid-length sleeves, a dark purple sash around her waist, and black flats laced up her calves. She wears a black metal circlet, choker, and bracers.

Ida's outfit in Ending C is a knee-length mint green dress with a scalloped skirt and short butterfly sleeves, white open-toed wedges laced up her calves, and a white wide-brimmed hat.