Dying is the tenth transformation Ida goes through, turning her into a Reaping Malignance.


Abilities and Powers

Immortality: To gain the strength required to harness the power of this transformation, Ida had to relinquish her mortality and humanity, giving herself body and soul to the transformation. In return, she gained a sort of immortality, one where she cannot age or be killed by physical attacks.

Decay: Given that she's basically an embodiment of death itself, everything around her ages rapidly, effectively killing it. It works on organic and non-organic things and it appears that Ida has no control over this power, even if she wanted to.

Monstrous Strength: She has shown to be extremely strong in this form, able to throw Noir leagues away and not show any sign of tiring after fighting him for hours at full strength.


  • This fear was taken from Midorin, showing just how strong her fear of passing on is.
    • Midorin was also the only one able to stop Ida in her rampage, as she understood best what Ida was being made to feel.

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