Dying is the tenth transformation Ida goes through, turning her into a class S demon.


Abilities and Powers

Immortality: She relinquished her humanity to attain this transformation, gifting her total immortality that reformed her body no matter how much it was damaged. It allowed her to go toe-to-toe with another S class demon due to this.

Decay: The demon she transforms into is basically an embodiment of death itself. This causes everything around her to age rapidly, killing it through old age and rot. It worked on organic and non-organic things and it appeared that it's strength would match to Ida's emotional state.

Monstrous Strength: Her body underwent an intense transformation that gave her an insane level of strength. It allowed her to throw Noir leagues away with little problem as well as not show any sign of tiring after fighting for hours at full strength.


  • This fear was taken from Midorin, showing just how strong her fear of passing on is.
    • Midorin was also the only one able to stop Ida in her rampage, as she understood best what Ida was being made to feel.